Chinese 1000-Hand Guan-Yin Dance

I’ve got the following by e-mail.

This is worth the wait for downloading… absolutely stunning. Enjoy it.
This dance is called “Budha with thousand hands”. It is performed by a group of Chinese handicapped girls. They can not hear or talk. They dance by reading the signs given by the 2 teachers standing at each side, they are so famous now that they are being invited by countries around the world .  Please turn on your speakers, and enjoy……

But of course I wouldn’t let you just download a 15MB file, in risk of not playing it correctly. Then I uploaded it to YouTube, and the result you can see below.

Note: there was another version of this movie in YouTube, but it was not complete (it had less than six minutes), and someone thought it would be great to make advertisement during all the show. That’s why I decided to upload again the complete file.


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Chinese 1000-Hand Guan-Yin Dance

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